We provide exhibitors with a unique suite of services and solutions to optimize digital marketing and increase ticket sales.
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& Ticketing
We’ve designed, built and continue to maintain over 1,000 exhibitor websites and over 100 mobile apps.

We have the solutions to create and manage websites, mobile apps, social media presence and online ticketing services.

As digital ticketing becomes more prevalent, we are doing our part to support open ticketing initiatives between exhibitors and publishers to transform the latest digital technologies into more butts in seats!

The whole range of innovative
Digital Marketing Services
From a simple template solutions for single location theatres to the most sophisticated custom designs for the biggest circuits, we have a solution for everyone.
Mobile Apps
Over the past decade, we have developed mobile apps for 100 circuits attracting millions of users every month.
Cinemas rely on multiple complex technology platforms to run efficiently. These multiple data sources - such as POS, loyalty, movies databases - all need to connect and communicate in real-time. Our unified API enables seamless cross-platform integration to allow for more flexibility and control.
Ask us for the best technology or managed services solutions to optimize your presence across various social networks for all your locations.
Newsletters are still an essential piece of movie theatres' communication tools. Email marketing is also about offering more targeted solutions to help leverage all your consumers insights.
As a key partner to the largest search engines in the world, we are uniquely positioned to help movie theatres optimize their referencing.
open ticketing initiative
As online ticketing evolves towards distributed solutions (think bots, messenger payments and more...), we can help exhibitors and publishers build more efficient partnerships.
Customised, integrated…
web &

As specialists in the cinema industry, we’ve been helping cinemas provide an outstanding online experience for their customers for many years.

Our experience and made-for-cinema web platform delivers reliable and effective performance for its clients and data driven marketing solutions that support exhibitor customer acquisition and loyalty programs.

From independent theatres to national chains, we have been working with clients to produce high performing websites that consistently deliver excellent results.

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