Planning your movies just got easier

Track every announcement, release date, and changes from every Studio.

See our industry standard projections and create your own projections.

Create different calendars to analyze potential release dates with historical info, social media tracking, and 12 months of box office forecasting.

Release Planner by Webedia Movies Pro offers an intuitive calendar view where you can easily check past and upcoming releases, see all the historic box-office data week by week and get access to future predictions, track social media, and compare the data of specific release times over the years.

You can also share various scenarios with your team on an intuitive and user-friendly platform.
It helps you manage multi-territory releases to help keep tabs on your competitors.

The features
Public Release Calendar
Studio Rearrangement
Movie metadata; Poster, cast, synopsis as soon as possible
Filters by genre & studio
Unscheduled movies available as well
iPad friendly
Personal release calendars
Personal Opening estimates
Teams and sharing
Number of users 1 Unlimited
Wide opening projections 4 months Unlimited
Pricing $300 per month
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