We developed a brand new suite of software to produce innovative market research and analytic tools.
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Business Intelligence
Our software is at the heart of many of our partners ability to learn, grow and develop their business…

Powered by our industry leading databases, our suite of business intelligence products offer cinema professionals invaluable resources to help them plan, track and predict box office success.

Developed from our combined knowledge and expertise in the cinema sector, our business intelligence tools combine moviegoer surveys, real-time data with historical trends and predictive algorithms to enable our partners to optimize their sales and marketing initiatives.

Smarter planning for
box office success

• An intuitive calendar view to check past and upcoming releases

• See all the historic box office data week by week and get access to future predictions.

• Track social media.

• Compare the data of specific release times over the years.

Track and optimize
theatrical releases

• A real-time view on showtime distribution.

• Drill-down filtering for a more detailed perspective on trends.

• Optimize weekly showtime scheduling and allotment to account for demographic and market specific strengths

• Put more butts in seats!

Authoritative source for
box office predictions and analysis
Box Office
Profile by

• Exclusive research initiative tracking audience profiles.

• Weekly insights into behavioral and demographic tendencies.

• US and International moviegoer profiles.

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