our services
Data Services
We’ve compiled the most comprehensive databases in the industry, with over 147,000 movie theatre screens per week in 70 countries and 25 languages. We also produce hyper-local event listings for the top US markets for our publisher partners.
Marketing & Ticketing
Specialists in producing websites, applications and bespoke ticketing solution as well as digital signage. We provide exhibitors with a unique set of services, tools and platforms to optimize digital marketing and maximize ticket sales.
Business intelligence
We've developed a brand new suite of software to be at the heart of your business intelligence and produce innovative market research initiatives.Your authoritative source of box office predictions and analysis.
Covering trade magazine, business information websites, industry guides and databases, we help inform cinema professionals and keep you up to date with our reference print and digital publications.
Digital content production
We apply all of our publisher's best practices to promote movies and theatre experiences in the digital world to drive even more people to cinemas in the real world.

Across these industries

They rely on us to digitize their marketing & ticketing strategies across all current and developing platforms.
We are the heart of the industry, and our distribution and business intelligence products support their digital marketing efforts for theatrical releases.
Digital Publishers
We are the definitive source for all movie related data supported by an unrivaled database of showtimes and ticketing solutions.
Social media
Moviegoing is increasingly a social experience and our impactful engagement campaigns bridge the gap between theatre owners and social networks.
Technology is the driving the force of modern cinema. We support these innovators with data driven insights.
Our expertise in cross-platform integrations provides theatre owners with a flexible platform to allow for scalability and increased control.